Learning to breathe


This post came to me yesterday. I was bone weary and I had just had a late lunch. I haven’t put up anything in a long (long to me, anyways) while and I felt I’d just share some of my thoughts and conversations with you. If you have been following my Orin Series, (I guess I could call it that) I’ll be putting something new up soon (I hope)

In the bathroom

Me: Oh dear Lord, I’m fat.

God: You’re a size 8.

Me: A fat size 8.

God: ….

Me: Okay so maybe I’m not fat…just rounded…slightly pudgy.

God: Shut up, Ibukun.

Me: Okay.

In class

Me: God this class is so boring.

God: You’ll have a test soon.

Me: I will?! Oh dear! I haven’t been paying attention :O

(Class ends)

Me: God, you said I was going to have a test. Was that a joke?!

God: No. You will have a test. Soon.

Me: At this point I take your ‘soon’ to mean in the last class for the semester. I can’t believe you just did that to me.

God: πŸ™‚

In church

Me: God, look at these people, especially Pastor Carlton, I don’t think I could ever be like them.

God: You’re not suppose to be

Me: But they look so perfect! They act so perfect. I’m like a sore thumb! The black sheep. I’m a sugar junkie…amongst other things 😦

God: Well, as perfect and shiny as they look, they all struggle with something.

Me: Oh yeah? Like what? Inability to read more then a book of the Bible a day?

God: Somebody’s actually struglling with that…

Me: Are you for real?! :O I mean, really?

God: Yes, I’m for real

Me: :O tell me more!

God: …..

Me: Please na 😦

God: …..

Me: Hmmmn I see. The silent treatment. Oh well, at least I know someone’s struggling with bible reading! Bwahaha!

God: …..

Me: ….

God: ….

Me: okay I get it. This convo is over. Ok bye πŸ™‚

In bed. 5.00am

God: Ibukun!

Me: What? Is it rapture time yet?

God: No. It’s bonding time.

Me: Doesn’t this count?

God: Not exactly

Me: But I don’t want to get out of bed just yet 😦

God: Okay.

Me: (tries to fall asleep again)

God: …..

Me: (covers head with pillow)

God: …..

Me: (fights for sleep)

God: ….

Me: ….

God: ….

Me: How do you do that?

God: πŸ™‚ spare yourself the fight and get up.

Me: Fine. You owe me.

God: Haha! Roight!

Me: πŸ™‚

The end


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20 thoughts on “Convo

  1. Raji on said:

    u got som fun stuff going on in ur head.. geez

  2. Achi_va on said:

    Everyone shd treat God like a best-friend,this is a fitting example.

  3. Dhamyhan on said:

    These are signs of early-onset Schizophrenia.

    • LOL kenny gerrout

      • epictemi on said:

        Kenny might just be right… You prolly have MPD (multiple personality disorder) and u named one of them ‘God’… I’m making sense right? I know… I have an alter ego too. He’s ‘Doregos’ and he’s gay… Me thinks he needs to meet ‘God’… Ok I’m ranting now. Good read. Adios!

  4. cumical on said:

    This made a whole lot of sense.

  5. @alero_irgm on said:

    Nice one,thougt I was the only one that had weird convos with God lol……..

  6. Too awesome!!

  7. Abeg all of you should quit washing, She is Stark Raving Mad!

  8. That’s the kinda relationship we should all strive for wit God…Nice 1 Ibukun…. πŸ™‚

  9. Nice 1 πŸ™‚ now i can sleep ok… #Whew wat a day….

  10. funmi small on said:

    I LIKE (y)

  11. You’re very imaginative. I really like this post, especially for its ‘realisticness’. Because as weird as this might seem having been put out there for us to see, we (very likely) all have convos in our heads and you just did a really good job of showing us the ones that go on in yours.


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