Learning to breathe

I Want To Be 7 Again

Sometimes, I want to be 7 again

I want to dance in the rain

Dance with reckless abandon

But now I fear my weave will be undone

I want to have a 7 year old’s unshakable faith

And absolutely humorous lack of grace

But for sake of normalcy I hesitate

I want to blow out my 7th cake candles

With friends that will listen to me ramble

Friends that will tolerate my flaws

And run around with me flying scarves

In the place of kites

I long to cry in front of people, unashamed

And guffaw whenever, unabashed

I yearn for the days I didn’t have to worry about clothes

Or hesitate to sleep in my mother’s bed when cold

I crave my 7 year old days as nostalgia pours

And my 18th year approaches its end

But back to bed I crawl

For I am long past my 7th bend

Yet all I can think is “I want to be 7 again.”


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15 thoughts on “I Want To Be 7 Again

  1. @alero_irgm on said:

    I get this feeling a lot ,guess peer pressure is one of the things that hinders us from bringing out our inner child,fear that people are gonna laugh or think you’re acting dumb….. Guess its all part of growing

  2. Funny, I don’t want to be young again. Because I waited to grow for so long and it even came too fast. I’m trying to savour it.

    But your use of words is fascinating. Lovely job.

  3. Dr_bamz on said:

    I also want to be 7 again. Celebrating my 7th birthday on the 7th of July. So everything can be perfect once again.. I Love this Post. Happy Birthday in advance love :*

  4. awwwwwww… beautiful!

  5. Funny thing is when i was younger i wanted to grow up fast,but now that i’m a lil older i miss the days when i had not a care in the world, days when the most important thing to me was making sure i didnt miss my favorite cartoon *sigh*


  7. Nice piece. Lovely

  8. The most beautiful thing in the world is youth & life. My your youth & life glow with brilliance.

    You’re now 18 & it’s your age i wish to be again…

    Enjoy every moment of air intake, for it is only “while you live,” that you can share a beautiful piece.

    Lastly, learn to live mindlessly, irrespective of your age…


    Heart 🙂

  9. Splendid. You had me wiggling in a bit of nostalgia myself back there.

    *sigh* It appears I missed your birthday. Funny/annoying thing is I saw you responding to your shout-outs on the TL and planned to make one myself but… procrastination *smh*

    Many, many happy returns. May the many days ahead of you be filled with love, hope, joy, peace and favour. Happy Belated Birthday, dear.

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