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Tchink and Eden

Hello people!

I’ve decided to put up posts once a week (most likely Thursdays) and I pray to God I follow through on this. The year is quickly coming to an end and I’ve had time to think and put things into perspective; I want better things for this blog. A lot of em. I don’t ever want to be too busy for my primary blog 🙂 So here’s the deal: I was going to put my new story on a friend’s blog but i changed my mind and i’m putting this up on mine. It’s a little different from everything I’ve ever written and i’m  pretty excited to get started on it. I hope y’all enjoy reading it as i’ll enjoy writing it

My name is Tchink and I am a lome.

For some strange reason, Mama Tchaek had me named after our village. Papa Tchlan never fails to remind me that he was among the first settlers in our village and it is what it is because “some hardworking lomes decided to groom their land instead of wander away from home in search of what is not lost!” Papa Tchlan does not understand that I do not search for anything when i wander. I just want to find new things. The other day, Mama Tchaek said to me, “You’ll get you what you are searching for, Tchink boy, and it wont  be a pretty sight.”

I guffawed into my meal and got a thump upside my head and then she said, “Go pour Papa Tchlan some decon and finish up your meal this instant, boy”

I hope I haven’t given you the thought that my Mama and Papa are the nastiest lomes in Tchink!

They are the nicest lomes you’d ever meet if you ever venture into our home. Let me describe our home so you know i’m not talking about fantasy here:

Our cottage is tucked in the bosom of  the tallest hill in Tchink. As soon as you enter my home, the fragrances of newly picked Saek lilies will fill your tiny lome nostrils then when you recover from it, you’ll open your eyes to find three chairs created by Decorator Malek in the first room then the second room has Mama and Papa’s bed, the third has my bed with the window facing the valley. My room has my mind pictures on the wall. Several of them. My favorite mind picture is the one that has me, Papa and Mama in it jumping into a pool of decon with the jolliest smiles on our faces. It’s my favorite because Mama and Papa would never jump into a pool of decon with me. They leave jumping for little lomes like Yovec, Tcheb and me, Tchink.

Yovec, Tcheb and me do everything together. Yovec is a girl lome and she is pretty timid. But she has the darkest and roundest lome eyes i have seen in Tchink. And her skin is as pale and flawless as newly fetched decon. Tcheb and me are very fond of her. There was this one time when us three were wandering in the valley and i saw an opening, if you can call it that, that we had never seen before. It was just ahead of us and Tcheb and me were set to look at it but Yovec blushed a furious pink, refusing to move from the spot she had planted herself.

“Oh come on Yovec! Your Papa and Mama are not going to find out. what have you got your lome head bothered about?” Tcheb sneered, jabbing her side.

“Leave her alone, Tcheb. She dinna want to go then we wont go either.”

“I bet my next meal you have the hots for Yovec. I dinna ever see you turn down an opportunity to go wandering further”

And with that, we turned back towards the Village but I resolved to go back and look some more with Tcheb but maybe not with Yovec.


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6 thoughts on “Tchink and Eden

  1. OK, well when i first saw it I closed it cuz it was fantasy and that’s not my kind of thing. But, i read it this morning and i thought it was actually quite good, tbh. It’s like animation in a movie to me and it seemed like you could make it into the script of a Hollywood movie #i’m actually being serious. Yeah, can you include more drama as in let more action be in it like make it more funny #i hope you find it helpful

  2. omo_phineboi on said:

    Oh well finally summoned courage to read this…nice piece sha, lemme see what the continuation will be like first. ( ._.)

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