Learning to breathe

Who is this broad anyway?


Ibukun loves plenty Jesus, indie/alternative music, lipstick and her blog. On school days, you’ll find her drowning in classical music scores and music theory textbooks. On other days: writing is oxygen, modelling is a part-time job and Twitter is a hobby.


10 thoughts on “Who is this broad anyway?

  1. Muhammed on said:


  2. Gurl are you sure you are 18? The way you put down your words is quite deep. like your writing style. Keep it up.

  3. Your should probably be majoring in English lit or creative writing or something like that! Just saying…

  4. Okay, this is impressive.

    I believe we are kindred spirits of sorts. I finished from Creative Arts, Unilag. Visual Arts major. Specialized in sculpture. And yet, I write too. Go on being ambidextrous, it’s a beautiful thing.

  5. Henry T. C. Diabuah on said:

    You really are a good writer, soon to become a great one by the grace of God.
    Your poems are very enlightening, soothing, insightful and captivating, and may i say…JOY FILLING. Please, keep writing, and have fun doing it.

  6. I came across your blog some minutes ago. You really have a gift for words. I would be glad to converse with you more. Incidentally, we are in the same Goodreads group, The Christian Mind.

  7. your blog is awesome.recently started blogging and you are one of the bloggers i really look up to

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