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Nehemiah Project Prayermobs

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now. Actually I’ve been wanting to do this since the Borno killings I don’t want to be numb to the fact that almost an entire village was wiped out in one weekend. I don’t want to be desensitized to the fact that innocent men, women and children are dying every day in the North while I’m down southwest having rollercoaster rides and bumper-karting with friends. I don’t want to keep living like everything is peachy when it really isn’t. It would shock you to know that over 10,000 killings have been linked to the insurgent Boko Haram sectsince 2001*. Yeah, it shocked me too. Then the Boston bombing happened, the whole of America bled for Boston, the city was shut down, investigations were made and suspects were arrested. It was then that my heart really broke for Nigeria and it was then that I really prayed.
Thankfully, my prayers did not bounce off the ceiling and I got a response but not quite the kind I wanted or expected. I wanted for God to raise fiery, popular cover-of-Time-magazine-worthy men and women to do something-to do anything! – to get this Boko Haram menace sorted once and for all. I wanted the SSS to announce on national TV that they had caught the leaders and they were rounding up the terrorists one by one. I wanted for God to just sort them out somehow. I really did not care how as long as I didn’t have to directly get involved. I mean, praying in my room on my comfy bed is convenient and pretty hands on. It’s safe. But the only response I got was “You, Ibukun.”
He wants ordinary, can’t-use-an-excel-spreadsheet-to-save-her-life Ibukun to get off her fat behind to do something- anything! – for her country. I’m not my idea of an ideal patriot so who would’ve thunk it’d be me? Definitely not me
So I prayed about it some more and got ladies over at SRT to pray about it too. And I can tell y’all that there is a game plan. It’s not anything exactly “fancy” but it’s powerful. I’m not about to tell you that God showed me the Boko Haram headquarters in a vision or had an angel FedEx their sponsors’ list to me the next morning. The response was not the kind you’d expect. The solution that I got was…wait for it…prayer. I prayed for a solution and the solution I got was prayer.
God wants people who care enough about their country to pray about it to Him, together as a nation of people that is tired of losing citizens to this madness. He isn’t asking us to join the army, He asking us to seek His face, He’s not asking us to give away our body parts or organs, He’s asking us to give away desensitization. He wants for us to be mad and hurt enough to do something other than criticise the government. And not just about Boko Haram but also about the economy, about the youth, about our leaders, about finding sustainable energy and other major stuff that we have to deal with as a country.
Now so we don’t just talk about it and end up not being about it, we are introducing prayer mobs. Prayer mobs are kinda like flash mobs, only that prayer mobs meet up, physically or virtually to pray concerning stuff at specific times in a month. So now it’s not about when we remember to pray for Nigeria, it’s about counting down to the next time we meet up, physically or virtually, with Nigerians all over the world at specific times to pray to God about unrest in our Country. It’s about Nigerians that have hearts that can break for their country. It’s about Nehemiahhearts.
I may have said this before at some point in writing this but I’m no “world changer”. I’m just an ordinary girl that wants to do something other than live for herself. I waited until now to do this because I was dead sure God had the wrong girl but I’m starting to understand that God is not looking for perfect people; He’s looking to perfect people. So don’t hesitate to identify with this movement. Our first prayer mob meeting is scheduled for 12:00pm, June 15, 2013. Now you can help to spread the word about Nehemiah Project prayer mobs by:
1. Spreading the word on all your social networks, word of mouth advertising still works wonders.
2. Following the movement on Twitter our Facebook and GooglePlus pages will come soon
3. Reblogging this post if you have a WordPress blog
4. Sending me an email at zoe_akin@live.com if you’re willing to design the logo and page for this project.
5. Praying at 12:00pm (W. Central Africa (+1))

If you’ve ever wished you could do something substantial to change the situation of things in Nigeria, this is it. Be a part of it. Tell people about it. Be about it. It may not seem like much but you’d be amazed at how far praying together with a large body of Nigerians all over the world concerning Nigeria for 10 minutes at a specific time every month can do. The answers to our prayers for peace on the North first, economic growth, leaders of integrity and all round success are just before our very eyes waiting for us to ask for them. Let us ask together.

*The Catholic Church: What Everyone Needs To Know, John L. Allen Jr. 2013

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31 thoughts on “Nehemiah Project Prayermobs

  1. So excited Ibukun!! Your SRT sisters are Praying in America!!!!

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  3. Cross on said:

    Where is the venue going to be in Lagos?

    • I’m starting one in front of Ozone cinemas and if you live around Yaba, you could come join us or you could start a mob in your neighborhood and tell your friends to come pray with you!

  4. Dodo on said:

    Really good initiative……. I sincerely don’t doubt the power of prayers but at times, just BUT, don’t you like wonder how we are like one of the most religious people on the face of the earth, but we still wallow in extreme backwardness, poverty, perversion, corruption and the likes……. The solution lies within each and everyone of us to always do right, starting from me, you and the politicians looting us dry to sponsoring the so called book haram.
    There’s no one way to enter the market, so I am willing to join hands with you on this one.

  5. The bible says ask and we shall receive. I pray God would hear our supplication and look with pity upon His people and deliver us. God bless you ibukun

  6. Francis Omadachi Sunday on said:

    Nice work Ibuku, may d Almighty God continue to keep bless you for this generation to bring the desire change we all need. For us to see each other as one n not religion nor sect.thank you we in ph where do we assemble?

    • Thank you for your kind words, Francis! You can start a prayermob in your neighbourhood and spread the word to your family and friends. I’d be delighted to hear about it when you’ve picked a location. Stay connected so you’ll get info as soon as it gets in. Thanks again

    • Thank you for your kind words, Francis! You can start a prayermob in your neighbourhood and spread the word to your family and friends. I’d be delighted to hear about it when you’ve picked a location. Stay connected so you’ll get info as soon as it gets in. Thanks again

  7. I love you ibukun 🙂

  8. I’m with this.

  9. Reblogged this on Truth In Motion and commented:
    I approve this, and will be a part of it.

  10. bolafal on said:

    Great idea. I will be a part of this.

  11. Ifeyinwa Francesca on said:

    I am in! Bringing my peeps along too! More Grace!!!

  12. Damilare on said:

    Reblogged this on Rock Haven.

  13. Reblogged this on Themes and Rhythms and commented:
    Join The Train . . .

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  16. I will simply be praying about it at 12 pm everyday
    I am not the kind of person to start a mob BUT
    I believe that prayer to my God will do something
    So I will pray everyday about even if it is just for a
    minute or two, I want to remember and not pretend
    that what happens daily in the north isn’t happening!

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  18. Ogedengbe Faith on said:

    This is definitely a good idea, God is going to answer our prayers and our heart cries for the change in this our nation. I will be a part of it where i am.

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