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Death Concerto

Spinning, spinning into endlessness
Spinning into nothingness
Self is unravelling without the consent of the whole
Faster, louder
Ripping, disintegrating, the opposite of assembling,
breaking, being destroyed, collapsing
in darkness, in fire, in the crucible, in the centre of the earth
like glass scattered across the galaxies
elements of self repelling as fast as they attracted a lifetime ago
open heart surgery without anaesthetic
burial before the death
yet the pain is welcome
the universe pauses and waits as the plot thickens, as blood unthickens
as body is broken
as self is lost
as spirit is shattered
it will end, it will end
pizzicato sounds become louder, voices singing,
world spinning, spinning
vortex widening
the voice of one is heard above the orchestration of perfect harmony like a solo
forte, vibrato
unexpected climax
curtain call, light fades, music stops


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